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Mixing & Mastering


In today's musical scene a lot of weight is put on the mixing process. LowSwing can offer your projects a variety of mixing solutions, from pure analogue mixing using the studio's vintage Neve console (with moving fader automation) and outboard to a full digital mix. Always musical, always creative.

The most important piece of gear during mixing is the room acoustic and monitoring, LowSwing's control room was carefully built and measured for a great acoustic response. It's housing a full range, soffit mount custom Quested 3 way speaker system as well as a Amphion system (Stereo, 2.1 or dolby atmos) and Kii Three speakers (on request).

And when it comes to wrap up the project, we can do the final touches and deliver a technical perfect Master in any format your project needs for streaming services, CD, DDP, Vinyl, ADM, Stereo or multi-channel.

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