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Record at LowSwing Studio


The New LowSwing is built in the rooms of the legendary Tritonus Studio in Berlin. The place was converted to an hi-end recording studio in 1983, created a  no compromises, inspiring space which already housed great artists like Nick Cave, Erasure, Die Ärzte and many more.

The big recording room allows to accommodate any large ensemble. It has very pleasant acoustic with a lot of wood and diffusion. Two Iso booths contribute to the versatility of the space and make it perfect for any musical style.  

Studio and Gear

LowSwing is build around a beautiful vintage Neve 5316 console from 78' with a sidecar from the state of the art american company Speck Audio. It provides up to 64 analogue inputs at mix down, Neve mic pres, Eqs and Compressors.

LowSwing is known for its mic locker include sought after classics like Neumann U47, M49, U67, U87, Km84, Myburgh M1, AKG C414, C12, D12 and many many other. The studio racks house some of the nicest gear ever made by Urei, Vertigo audio, Lexicon, EMT, Fairchild, Empirical Labs, Compex.

Our amps and Instruments include Vintage Fender, Marshall and Ampeg amps, a 2.70m Blüthner Grand Piano, Rhodes Mark I, Wurlitzer, Hammond, Ludwig and Rogers drum kits. Your recording can be done on Protools, Cubase or one of our many analogue tape machines.

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